What is Symes Collins iProfiler?

Symes Collins iProfiler combines cutting edge technology, allowing multi-location collaborative access to all interview records, profiles (video & written) and test results, with our combined 50 years experience both working directly within, then recruiting for, Compliance & Governance.

It uses a unique mix of market leading IT, behavioural science & search methodology to guarantee a perfect cultural and skills match – every time!   Also saving you time and money in the search process as well as avoiding a costly mis-hire.

Advantages of Symes Collins iProfiler Methodology

Our unique methodology delivers high quality candidates that are accurately matched to your culture and values whilst our backgrounds and experience ensure that all candidates shortlisted for a role have the technical skills required by the job specification. Based on access to our global database, comprising tens of thousands of the top Compliance and Risk executives built over the past 20 years, this is achieved by supplying;

  • A full behavioural profile matching candidates to your company and role specific behavioural markers
  • A video pitch from each candidate about their suitability for the role, and/or their responses to 3 pre-interview questions set by you
  • A full CV with your consultants interview notes and candidate profile
  • Full benchmarking of candidates based on behavioural and culture assessment, competency answers and salary expectations

All of this is accessible (on our secure site via computer, tablet or mobile) by stakeholders based remotely around the world – they can view assessments, videos, comments from other stakeholders and add comments themselves at their convenience– all of this done before anyone is interviewed – huge cost and time savings!

The above means we know our methodology provides 96% retention over 12 months so we can offer a 12 month guarantee on new hires on all full fee retained Symes Collins iProfiler searches.

Symes Collins iProfiler against other traditional recruitment and search approaches.

Contingent Recruitment Retained Search iProfiler
Deep Dive Search No Yes Yes
96% Retention over 12 months No No Yes
Total candidate engagement and control – as trusted advisors No Yes Yes
Comprehensive behavioural testing pre-interview No No Yes
Bespoke candidate video allowing you to see how they present themselves pre-interview No No Yes
Client Specific recruitment Plan No Possibly Yes
Extended rebate period No No Yes

In summary – when Symes Collins iProfiler is used for executive level hires, it has proven to ensure cultural fit, increase retention, save time and money and help secure the right person faster with less risk than traditional search methods.