Why Search?


Hiring key people in Executive positions is too critical to leave to chance and it is therefore imperative that you use a search company that is adept at finding rare and exceptional talent in a given area. At Symes Collins we know our niche market better than anyone – we know compliance, speak compliance and have the market comprehensively mapped with contacts going back to the late 80s.

It is no secret that Executive Search is the tried and tested way of confidentially identifying and engaging with exceptional and talented individuals who have specific skills, knowledge and experience. At Symes Collins we know these people and in some cases have been tracking their careers for the past 20 years.

Headhunters cast a far wider yet more precise net, identifying candidates beyond the typical range of other talent resourcing channels. At Symes Collins this is a particular strength and we have been successful at placing candidates from a wide variety of sectors around the Globe (see case studies).

Executive search consultants are engaged on far fewer assignments and are therefore far more focused on specific roles and follow a proven process that ensures that the best candidates for a role are identified. At Symes Collins we have a tried and tested process that delivers results time and again, we are also focused on quality, not only of the candidates but the overall service we provide.

Executive Search targets and engages with candidates who are not actively looking – these are generally the cream of the crop candidates who are too busy being successful in their current role to look for a new opportunity. At Symes Collins we not only deal with such candidates on a daily basis but are also experienced at identifying candidates and engaging with them to sell the advantages of a career change.

Candidates are always thoroughly vetted and interviewed as part of a stringent and detailed process. At Symes Collins you can always be assured that short listed candidates meet the Job Specification and cultural requirements laid down by you, we use our background in Compliance to assess technical knowledge and utilise our years of working in Blue Chip organisations and recruitment to produce accurate and detailed personality profiles.

Hiring mistakes are always expensive, a waste of senior management time, agency fees, salary etc etc. These mistakes are often due to hiring the best candidate currently available rather than finding the best candidate in the market. This is easily prevented by using a Headhunter who properly understands the job specification & the culture of the business and who is adept at controlling the expectations of both the client & candidate throughout the process. At Symes Collins we understand Compliance and Governance generally and what the roles entail, the pressures, challenges and rewards that the roles bring, we therefore eliminate the guesswork and ensure that only candidates that meet all of the job and cultural requirements are introduced to the client.

Headhunters stay in touch with the market and are up to speed with current market trends, salary and compensation levels etc. At Symes Collins this is a major strength as we know our niche market exceptionally well and have watched the ups and downs of the UK and Global Markets for the past 25 years and have an exceptional understanding of a candidate’s market worth. We do not talk up salaries and as such are happy to agree upfront fixed fees to ensure complete impartiality during salary negotiations.



  • Assignment Briefing: We would want to meet relevant Management to ensure that a full and clear assignment brief is taken. At this meeting we will also agree timescales and regular progress reporting. We will take a full job specification which we can advise on, or write from scratch, if so required.NB. Additionally after a combined 42 years in Compliance & Compliance Recruitment between us, we can accurately advise both on the minimum candidate criteria required to do the role and the likely remuneration needed to attract such a person, or the reverse i.e. the likely balance of experience, knowledge & possibly qualifications that can be expected for a given salary range.
  • Research/long list: Our years of networking the compliance world mean we are exceptionally well connected and also have the compliance market very well mapped. We are thus able to quickly draw up a long list of suitable candidates.
  • Screening & Interviews: We would conduct a detailed first interview using our compliance backgrounds to ensure that the candidates CVs are a fair and accurate reflection of their knowledge, experience and education.


  • Short list completed:  Once we have completed our short list, we will present in person to the hiring manager the shortlisted candidate CVs with our interview notes and observations, including full personality and fit to job profiles (normally 5 – 8 candidates).
  • Client Interviews:  Once you have decided who you wish to interview, we will liaise with the candidate and hiring manager to make all necessary arrangements, including full pre interview briefing for the candidate, based on the information we were given in the assignment briefing. We will also take and pass on full and detailed interview feedback, either by email or phone depending on the preference of the hiring manager.NB. We are also experienced in co-ordinating phone/video interviews or arranging for candidates and clients to fly internationally (including arranging meeting/venues etc).
  • Offer & Contract/Package negotiation:  Once a preferred candidate has been identified we will handle the complete offer and acceptance process. All offers are made in person and with years of experience we are adept at handling candidate expectations, doing so throughout the process so that when the offer is made it will be at the right level to match expectations. We will also make sure that throughout the interview and feedback process we are ensuring that any of the candidates concerns are dealt with so that by the time an offer is made they are in a place to confidently accept the offer.NB. Having placed a large number of candidates in countries around the world we are adept at negotiating packages that maybe in different currencies and considering & discussing the complexities involved e.g. the differences in personal tax, general cost of living, specific factors e.g. cost of accommodation in desirable areas, education allowances etc.